Flood event: Μήθυμνα και Καλλονή Λέσβου, Ελλάδα, 21/01/1966

Impact description

Πολλές οικίες κατακλύσθηκαν από τα ύδατα, ξεριζώθηκαν πολλά ελαιόδεντρα και πνίγηκαν πολλά ζώα

Water District

Affected water districts

Regional Unit

Affected regional units


In case of transboundary incident select the other affected countries.

Flood mechanism

The main flooding mechanism of this flood incident

Flood source

One or more sources of this flood incident.

Flood characteristics

The characteristics of this flood incident

Flood Impacts

Types of impacts affected by this flood incident.

Source type

Types of the information source



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